Jesus said, "The words I have spoken to you - they are full of the Spirit and life." John 6:63

Walk Thru the Bible

Embark on a Journey Through the Bible Like Never Before

Discover the richness of the Scriptures with ‘Walk Thru the Bible’ – a transformative experience that brings the stories, teachings, and history of the Bible to life. Whether you’re new to the Bible or a seasoned reader, these seminars offer a unique and engaging way to deepen your understanding and connection to God’s Word.

Old Testament Seminar

Unravel the Mysteries of the Old Testament! Ever felt overwhelmed by its complexity? You’re not alone. The Old Testament can seem daunting.

Join Mary Jean, a seasoned instructor, for a transformative six-hour journey through 2,000 years of Bible history. ‘Walk Thru the Old Testament‘ seminar is designed to cater to all learning styles. Through visuals, hand signs, repetition, listening, writing, group review, and catchy phrases, we make learning both fun and effective. This seminar is an interactive, non-threatening, and highly creative way to learn, ensuring you feel engaged and comfortable throughout.

"By the end of this seminar, you'll grasp the major themes and purposes of the Old Testament, presented in chronological order, allowing you to see it as a unified whole. More than 1.5 million people have already experienced this journey, with over 75% committing to regular Bible reading and prayer afterward."

New Testament Seminar

Embark on a Journey Through the New Testament: Start with the 400 years of silence, a period marked by dramatic changes, setting the stage for Christ’s arrival.

In ‘Walk Thru the New Testament‘, you’ll trace the steps of Jesus, witness the birth and growth of the early church, and follow Apostle Paul’s missions. This seminar is not just informative but an enjoyable adventure. You’ll learn to arrange 77 key people, places, and events of the New Testament in chronological order, understand the life of Christ in sequence, discover how the four Gospels complement each other, and tie together the New Testament’s structure into a complete whole.

"The 27 books of the New Testament will come alive, building a solid foundation for your Biblical understanding. This seminar will enlighten you, making previously puzzling passages clear and enhancing your daily devotional life. You'll leave with a renewed eagerness to delve into God's Word every day."

Ready to Dive Deeper into the Bible?

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