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Walk Thru the Bible


Walk Thru the Old Testament

Have you ever said that the Old Testament is confusing? Although you may know the general chronology of Genesis, it’s hard to put the people & events of the entire Old Testament together. After all, there are 39 books, 929 chapters and 23,214 verses in the Old Testament!

In about six hours of teaching time, Mary Jean (a certified Walk Thru the Bible instructor) can lead you through 2000 years of Bible history! Mary Jean has been teaching all ages for over 35 years and realizes how most curriculums address the learning styles of a minimum number of students. Walk Thru the Bible is different – every learning style will be implemented as we learn the major people, places & events of the Old Testament through visuals, hand signs, color association, repetition, listening, writing, group review, & catch phrases. And have fun at the same time! This seminar is a non-threatening and highly creative way to learn in an interactive setting without feeling self-conscious or intimidated! It’s brilliant!

You will absorb an enormous amount of information about the themes and purposes of the Old Testament, presented in chronological order. By the end of the seminar, you will be able to comprehend the Old Testament as a unified whole. Check the Schedule page to find the next Walk Thru the Bible seminar near you, or if you already know the all the necessary information click HERE to register now.

More than 1.5 million people have taken this Old Testament class, making it one of the most attended seminars of all time. Historically, after completing the event, more than 75% of attendees commit to reading the Bible and praying daily.

Walk Thru the New Testament

You’ll begin with the 400 years of silence, which were anything but silent because they were marked with the turbulent transition between the Old and New Testaments. During those years, world powers rose and fell, religious institutions were birthed, the arts flourished, and Rome came to dominate the world. God orchestrated these events so that “in the fullness of time,” He could send His Son.

By experiencing Walk Thru the New Testament, each participant will walk where Jesus walked, relive the birth and growth of the early church, and journey with the Apostle Paul to the ends of the earth. You will come to see how God used ordinary “people like you and me”to do extraordinary things.

This adventure will be so enjoyable! At the end of this seminar, participants will have learned more about the New Testament than they ever imagined while having fun and being positively challenged along the way. By the time they reach the journey’s end, they’ll be able to:

  •  Arrange 77 key people, places, and events in the New Testament in chronological order
  •  Arrange the well-known events of the life of Christ in sequence
  •  Discover how the four Gospels compliment one other, making one complete biography of Christ
  •  Tie together the structure of the New Testament into a complete whole

The 27 books of the New Testament, penned by at least nine authors over a period of 50 years, will come together like brick and mortar to build a solid foundation of Biblical understanding. You will understand things in a new way and passages which used to puzzle you will become clearer. As a result, your devotional life will be more meaningful and you’ll find yourself eager to get into God’s Word every day!

Please contact Mary Jean at to find out more about Walk Thru the Bible, & to schedule a seminar for your church! Also visit to learn more.

Testimony from Attendees

“I highly recommend this teaching to be used in the YWAM bases. We decided to teach Walk Thru the Bible in our dts’s because it is an amazing chronological way to give the students a perspective of the Bible. This method is also a fun way to learn it; our students and staff were blessed by this teaching.”

-Ricardo Hernandez, base leader YWAM Pachuca, Mexico

“The all day seminar on WALK THRU THE OLD TESTAMENT seemed like minutes compared to the actual time spent. The class was not only informative but was actually quite entertaining and fun. Rather than wondering how I was going to sit through an all day class & stay awake, it turned out that I didn’t want the class to end. The structure of the material & vibrant teaching style was refreshing, energizing & left me hungering and thirsting for more. When can you return???”

-Karen Holte, Co-Director, Global Leadership Academy in Mbabane, Swaziland

“Walk Thru the Bible was one of the most clarifying seminars I have ever been through! The whole Old Testament actually makes sense now!  The presentation of material is extremely easy to remember and understand.”

-Jerad Allbritten

“My Walk Thru The Bible experience was amazing, magnificent and much needed. It has given me fresh hope to keep going with youth ministry and refreshed my desire to learn more about the Word and spend more time in the Word. The seminar helped me better understand the Old Testament, which in turn helped me understand the lessons and connection to the New Testament. I am grateful that I have had the privilege to experience Walk Thru The Bible.”

-Robyn Daniels, Director of Youth Ministries, Good Shepherd Anglican Church, Kensington, South Africa

“WTB has pulled the Bible together into one cohesive story for me, for the first time in my life.  This teaching helped make the Old Testament a part of my story, bringing to life real people, real places, the reality of our desperate need for Jesus, and the great love of God the Father in Him.”

-Marcy Klinger



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