Jesus said, "The words I have spoken to you - they are full of the Spirit and life." John 6:63

Debriefing Ministry

Take time to see God’s perspective on seasons of life.

What is a debrief?

Debriefing is the method by which you can share your story with someone who “gets it”.  It allows space for making sense of your journey, including experiences, events, and emotions, whether in the last six years or the last six months. It is vital that we take time to see God’s perspective on seasons of life. To aid you in this process, we provide a Debriefing Workbook to help facilitate your thinking and understanding. You will gain perspective, healing, and freedom in a safe, caring, and confidential environment.

When we set apart time to open our hearts to God and to listen for His response, He will not disappoint! He is faithful, and He has committed Himself to our wholeness.


When we get God's perspective on our past, our present begins to make sense.


Time to remind you of the big picture, including things you may have shelved or dismissed as "impossible".


Time for God to provide clarity and to heal your weary heart.


Our workbook will give you tools to continue your process and move forward with a healthy life and ministry.

A debrief takes three consecutive days.
Sessions are usually 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM with a one-hour lunch break.
A fourth day may be added if you would like to do some vision casting regarding your future. Mary Jean is a certified Life Coach and would be happy to explore possibilities with you!
It’s always better to get completely away from your day-to-day life, if possible. If you live in the area and would be more comfortable returning home overnight, you’re free to do so. There are many Airbnb homes available nearby, as well as hotels. If you are unable to afford lodging, singles and couples are welcome to stay in Mary Jean’s private guest room for $50/night; meals will not be provided.
$500 for three days; $650 for four days.
$50/night additional if you need to stay in Mary Jean’s home.
Please note: In most cases, your church, mission organization, personal supporters, family, or friends would by happy to financially provide this opportunity for you! They love you and want you to thrive in life and ministry! Please invite them to support you in this life-giving debrief.
Longmont, Colorado. You will need to provide your own transportation to and from. If you would like to provide flights and accommodations for Mary Jean to come to you, please contact Mary Jean HERE.
Childcare is not provided. Please arrange reliable care for your children so that you may be free to focus entirely on the debriefing process.
Yes, in some instances. If your children are middle school and/or high school aged and are willing to participate fully, please contact Mary Jean HERE to talk about possibilities. A family debrief takes four ($650) or five days ($800). No accommodations are available for families in Mary Jean’s home.
Mary Jean provides debriefing for short term mission teams (at your location), but not event-oriented organizational debriefs. Please contact Mary Jean HERE if you would like to discuss group debriefs.

A Benefit for All

I truly believe that all pastors, missionaries, and ministry leaders would find a debrief to be extremely beneficial. If you have been challenged in new ways, or have experienced a season of confusion, hurt, transition, or disappointment during the past few difficult years, then the timing is especially right for a debrief. God wants nothing more than to make us whole for His glory and our peace!


The debrief workbook we provide includes helpful resources on topics such as grief and loss, forgiveness, rest, prayer, and freedom from harmful patterns. Additionally, you will be given a template that will help you incorporate the practice of debriefing into your life.