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Immerse in the Word with Our Podcasts


Learn to listen to the heart of what God is saying.

Welcome to our unique podcast experience, designed to align your prayers with God’s heart. Our Scripture recordings are a powerful tool for learning to pray in harmony with God’s thoughts and words. Each session, spanning 45 to 60 minutes, blends Spirit-led music with Scripture readings on various topics, inviting you into a deep, meditative state.

Dive into a realm where prayers go beyond personal emotions, syncing with divine wisdom. The Scriptures are read at intervals, allowing you time to pray, memorize, sing, write, sketch, or simply meditate on the sacred words. These podcasts can also complement your topical studies or serve as a serene backdrop throughout your day.

For those seeking a tranquil atmosphere, our instrumental recordings offer the perfect setting for prayer or creativity, without Scripture readings.

Access to our podcasts is complimentary, fostering our mission to spread the Word globally. Your donations are vital for us to continue producing and sharing these recordings, especially in developing nations, in various languages. Remember, every contribution directly supports the creation, duplication, and distribution of these spiritual resources.

Interested in a tangible connection? Hard copies of our CDs are available upon request. Contact maryjean@getthewordout.cc for more information.

Join us in this divine journey, and let the Word resonate within you.