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Missions Intensive

One of the most important things taught during the Missions Intensive is the Biblical Mandate for Missions. Beginning in Genesis and through to the Revelation, attendees discover God’s global heart for the nations of the world. This is essential to understanding WHY Christians evangelize.

In addition to this teaching, the GWO! Missions Intensive covers what the Bible has to say about poverty, Christian responsibility to orphans & widows, “sending” missionaries, financing world missions, prayer for missionaries and nations, presenting the Gospel message, as well as stories about what God is doing around the world, practicalities of missions, etc.

As we study what God has to say about worldwide missions, we also learn to study the Bible by covering the methods taught in the Basic Intensive: personalization, journaling with the Bible and prayer, traditional and oral inductive studies, topical studies, prayer-walking, Biblical meditation, copying, memorization, and reading aloud. And as always, we share in the Lord’s Table together.


Testimony from Attendees

It is good to be constantly reminded that we are ‘Blessed to be a blessing’. The Western Church needs to think globally because God values equally all People groups.


Eye-opening.  It’s amazing how little we know about the truly underprivileged or what it might be like to have to feed a family without any means to do so.  The intensive broke my heart for the things of God.  I only wish I had gone sooner.


The missions intensive was so much more than just a deep, thorough, & “intense” study of what God’s word says regarding missions…it was one of the most awe inspiring, heart changing investigations into God’s heart for people that I have ever experienced.  My life was forever changed & my love dramatically intensified for the widow, orphaned, poor, & lost souls. We were not just made aware of God’s desire for us to reach out, but learned about our responsibility to do so.


The missions intensive gave me a renewed outlook on what missions really is & why we are called to it. The intensive did more than inspire me to get involved in missions, instead, it challenged me to live a life of mission & confront head-on the difficulties of doing so in our society. The intensive has motivated me to be a more mature, responsible and thoughtful Christian.


Both of us received a new perspective regarding God’s love & concern for unreached people groups, no matter how small or insignificant they may appear to us. We were given prayer cards that described various people groups & we had never even heard of some of them & never thought to pray for them. We came to the realization that Jesus died for each of them & God wants us to pray for every one of them.

-Lauren & Karen


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