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Get the Word Out! is a registered 501 (c)(3)

Basic Intensive

Each Get the Word Out! Basic Intensive includes teaching on the Truth and Credibility of the Word, the Authority of the Word, the Word as Logos & Rhema, and Jesus, who is the Living Word.

Each of the following sessions are presented at each Get the Word Out! Intensive:

  1. Bible personalization with journaling
  2. Praying the Word
  3. The importance and how-to of memorization
  4. Biblical meditation
  5. Topical studies/word studies
  6. The power of reading aloud
  7. Communion with the Word
  8. Character studies
  9. Inductive studies

The Basic Intensive focuses on the Word of God. This is a powerful Intensive which lays a strong foundation for all future study.

General info:

Please refer to the SCHEDULE page for event details & registration deadlines.


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