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Bible Readings for Meditation

These Scripture recordings were produced to help us learn to pray in agreement with God’s Word. We often default to prayers saturated with our opinions or emotions, but agreement with God’s thoughts and words will focus and empower our prayers.

These recordings are unique in that they combine continuous-play, Spirit-led music with the reading of Scripture; each recording focuses on a different topic. Scriptures are read every 30-45 seconds, and as the music continues, time is given to pray, memorize, sing, write about, sketch, or meditate on the Scripture just read. These recordings can also be used in conjunction with topical studies, or played in the background, helping to keep your heart and mind on the Word of God.

Instrumental recordings are great for background music as you pray, or for simply providing a peaceful atmosphere. Some people enjoy creating their own melodies and lyrics as they listen to the music. There is no scripture reading on the Instrumental recordings.

All downloads are free. However, donations to Get the Word Out! will enable us to record and duplicate CDs to give away in developing nations. There is no suggested donation amount; please ask God how much to contribute so we can give these Word CDs to our brothers and sisters around the world. Incidentally, no individual is paid for these recordings ~ all donations go directly back into recording, duplication, and distribution.

Hard copies of the CDs can be ordered by contacting us at

Suggestions for Use
  • Listen to the recording with paper and colored pencils, pens or markers available. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you God’s heart motivation behind His words. Ask Him to show you a picture of each reading. As you listen, begin to sketch what He is showing you.
  • Imagine that you are having a one-on-one discussion with the Lord. As you hear a verse of Scripture, imagine Him saying these words directly to you. At the conclusion of each reading, respond to Him aloud, conversationally. Simply talk to Him about what He just said to you, and be honest!
  • As the recording plays, listen for one key phrase from each passage. Focus your thoughts on that phrase, either repeating it back to the Lord several times, or repetitively singing the phrase with the music.
  • During the shorter readings, focus your attention on memorizing the verse, and as the music plays, repeat the Scripture aloud.
  • If you enjoy movement, physically “interpret” each Scripture with motion.
  • After each Scripture, imagine yourself explaining it to a young child, or a new Christian, or someone you’re discipling, or someone who does not yet know the Lord. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you how to articulate God’s Words to various people. Practice aloud!
  • Focus each of your responses to the Word you hear by expressing thanks and declaring the goodness of God. Choose to speak words of thanksgiving for something or which relates to each Scripture reading.
  • Using a Bible, look up each Scripture reference as you are listening to the text. Then, as the music continues to play, copy the Scripture from the Bible, word-for-word.
  • One way the Hebrew tradition teaches to meditate upon the Scriptures is to quietly repeat them in a soft, droning sound, while disregarding all distractions. From this tradition comes a specialized type of Jewish prayer in which one quotes texts, prays intensely, or “gets lost in” close communion with God while bowing or rocking back and forth.
  • Prayerfully reflect on each Scripture after it is read.
  • If you are experiencing an attack of the darkness, use these recordings to cleanse your mind and emotions. Choose a recording that combats the spiritual stronghold with the opposite spirit to gain victory and freedom through the Word of God. For example, if someone has wronged you, “fight back” with the opposite spirit of Humility, or Forgiveness, etc.
  • Listen to a recording with a specific person, group, organization, or nation, etc. in mind.



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