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Manjui Audio Bible Project

“No one has the right to hear the gospel twice, while there remains someone who has not heard it once.” Oswald J. Smith.

Get the Word Out! is once again partnering with Faith Comes by Hearing to provide a non-literate people group with an audio New Testament in their heart language! The information below tells the story of the Manjui in Paraguay. You may remember when GWO! provided the audio New Testament for the Jamaican Creole speaking people a few years ago – what an honor that was for us! Now Jamaican Creole speakers are listening to God’s Word all over the world! This time we have committed to funding what is still needed for the completion of the Manjui recording. Please consider contributing to this need … until all have heard! You may donate HERE and scroll down to the Manjui Audio Bible Project.

The Manjui is a small and isolated Inca people group in Paraguay. Nearly 100% of the 2100 speakers are monolingual; their language is unique to only them. Because of this, the coming Manjui Audio Bible is the only way they well ever hear, first-hand, of God’s saving grace.

The Manjui recording started Aug 16 and $10,238.40 is needed to complete the funding. While they are 80% Christian, only 14% are evangelical (meaning they can be many forms of “Christian” but not necessarily born-again believers). There are limited resources among this people group, making personal Bible access challenging. While there are large pockets of Christians in certain areas, they are still not able to be like the Bereans and check Scripture themselves.

The Manjui just received the written New Testament in 2015 after translators worked for 40 years creating a written language and translating the New Testament. Access is limited due to low functional literacy rates, and even though there have been literacy workers among the Manjui, they remain an oral culture. Teaching people who have lived and learned orally to process through reading is a difficult endeavor. Traditionally oral people can learn to recite words on a page, but developing critical thought patterns while reciting can take years upon years to change. Giving oral people God’s Word in audio allows them to learn in their traditional format – through their ears.

Paraguay has one of the highest levels of poverty in Latin America, with about one-third of the population living in poverty. Many school-aged children are forced by poverty to work rather than study. There is also a nationwide underinvestment into the educational infrastructure among rural, Amerindian tribes.

How to pray for the Manjui and the audio Bible project:

  • Please pray that the Bible translators who gave their lives to this written Word are blessed.
  • Please pray that the coming Oral (Audio) Bible will open hearts and minds to the true Gospel.
  • Please pray for leaders to rise up and embrace the Audio Bible upon arrival. These indigenous groups need strong, Christian leadership.
  • Please pray for the Faith Comes by Hearing recording team as they work among the Manjui, finding people to recite/read the different parts of the New Testament. Pray for their health, safety, and progress.
  • Please pray that after the recording is finished, the mixing and mastering will go smoothly and we’ll have the Manjui Audio Bible to the people in the beginning of 2019.
  • Please pray for the Truth to cover the Manjui. Adherent Christian teachings that alter the truth and traditional religions are mixed among this people group. They need the Truth that has the power to set them free!



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