Imagine being in a foreign land far from anything familiar or comfortable, immersed in a culture and language different from your own, on the frontlines of spiritual warfare battling for victorious ground, yet far away from the support of family and friends.

You’re surrounded by teammates of many nations reaching for the same goal – to bring Him glory. The war has been won! Yet the battle rages on. Together you push forward. You pour all that you are into this battle with little rest. Falling down, you reach for the energy to stand again. You’re wounded but you seek strength in the Lord.

The enemy – coming to steal, kill, and destroy – is cunning in all his ways. The battle fought often in obvious ways, can turn unknowingly to attack the unity of believers causing division. Weary from battle, you dream of rest, unsure of how you arrived at your deprived state. Wishing for relief, you trudge on not knowing where to go.

Now imagine a spiritual medic seeking you out among the confusion and pain. With a mud smudged face, skinned knees, and weary eyes you see a hand reaching out to help you up on your tired feet. They offer you a cup of living water to quench your parched lips, fresh bread of life to quiet your growling hunger pains, and a chair to rest your weary body. With a gentle yet direct touch they apply medicine to your festering wounds, drawing out infection that was ignored for too long.

As a medical missionary in Swaziland, Africa, this battle is very real; it has become my everyday life. Some days are more victorious than others, but all too often I find myself in need of a spiritual medic to help before it’s too late. As a nurse I know that an ounce of prevention and attention goes farther than years of repair.

This is where a spiritual medic, like Mary Jean, makes all the difference. When people like Mary Jean can offer missionaries from all around the world a listening ear, advice from years of experience in life and ministry, a refreshing sensitivity to the Spirit, and a love for people to grow into who God has created them to be, it can make all the difference in the world.

Instead of lifting missionaries up on a spiritual pedestal, lift them up in prayer, learn about the battles they face, send them encouraging notes, and if able, go visit them so you may also be burdened for what the Lord has burdened them with. Be a spiritual medic….