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Stories Around the World

Surprised by Mercy

It’s a Friday afternoon and I’ve just finished 3 weeks of teaching at 3 mission bases in 3 countries. We didn’t get away from the base as soon as we were hoping, so it was several hours after class when I finally gulped a big breath of clean, outdoor air....

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My Experience with the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico

My first mission trip to the “third world” was in 1991 with Black Buffalo Ministries. Our destination was Creel, Mexico, and two weeks later, the impact of this poverty-stricken people and the uniqueness of the Tarahumara were forever lodged in my soul....

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Torah Scribe in Israel

Masada is home to some excavated ruins of a synagogue. Inside the synagogue was a Scribe who was copying the Torah by hand. You can faintly see the steam that was continually over the parchment to keep it from cracking. Scribes must memorize approximately...

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Houston Airport

I saw two Catholic priests at the Denver airport, and then saw them again in Houston. Since we were waiting for the same plane to Chihuahua City, I approached them, asking if I could speak with them; they graciously consented and gave me their attention....

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