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Mark Kellond, Kadena Air Force Base
Cadence Student Ministries
Get the Word Out was a great event. Mary Jean not only knows the Word she is passionate about it. If you have the chance to have the Get the Word Out in your community be sure and take advantage of it. Your kids will never look at the Bible the same way again.”


Julie, Children’s Pastor-
The most intimate two days I have ever spent with the Lord.

David and Pat, Shekinah Ministries-
We will be sharing and teaching what we learned [at GWO] with those in jails and prisons in Colorado and Wyoming.

Two middle school students from
Longmont Christian School after GWO!-
Thank you for coming to our classroom to speak to us it gave me a lot to think about. I also want to thank you for changing my life! I want you to know that I accepted Christ this week. Thank you so much!
I’m going to spend a lot more time in the Bible now. Because of you I’ve accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. I’m getting baptized on October 3, so thank you so much.

Mitch Hildebrant,
Children’s Cup international relief
“We were so blessed to have the quality Spirit-led teaching that Mary Jean delivered to us in Swaziland, Africa. Her passion for His Word was evident in every statement, thought & action. We pray that she will come back to work with our staff, our interns, and our missionaries again! She has become family!”

J. Frank Sinclair, The Grace Place in Colorado Springs, CO
“A hearty heartfelt endorsement of Get the Word Out! and Mary Jean Powers. Although most of the last twenty five years of my life have been spent “ministering” in some capacity, the depth of God’s purpose for me was not fully realized prior to attending Mary Jean’s “Spiritual Gifts” Intensive. I am now, along with my beautiful wife who also attended, living out my Divine purpose & am fitly placed in the Body, making amazing & supernatural impact and influence for the Kingdom. Thank you, Mary Jean. Your ministry changed my life.”

Pastor Rob and Jackie Thomas at New Horizons
Christian Church, Dacono, CO
We encourage our church members to put a stake into the Word of God & center their lives around it. Mary Jean;s teaching is firmly entrenched in going to the Word for all of the answers to life, & her love of God’s Word constantly encourages our church family to keep their focus on the Word of God.

Bob Young, Executive Pastor of VineLife Church
I want you to know that your teaching regarding Sabbath Rest has had a dramatic effect on our entire staff. The clarity with which you presented the information was great & you articulated God’s heart in this vital area in a way that that was revelational. Thanks for sharing that wisdom, your great personal insights & giving me a tool to enrich my personal & professional walk.

Will Strickland, YWAM School of Worship Leader,
Denver, CO
“Without fail, Mary Jean always delivers the living Word of God to me and to my students every time she teaches. It is impossible to sit under her teaching and not see 2 Timothy 3:16-17 come to life. You will be changed!!!!”

Clair Volk, FCCI (Fellowship of Companies for
Christ International) Area Leader
“Mary Jean & I have connected through her prayer movement work here in Longmont, CO. In particular, we are connecting the marketplace leaders & those with a passion to serve Christ at their places of business. She has encouraged us and challenged us as business leaders to continue to pray for transformation as leaders, the marketplace we engage in, and the community we live in.”

Angie Neiswender, Manager of Wondervu Conference & Retreat Center
“A Get the Word Out ministry weekend was used to deeply impact me at a time in my life when I felt stuck in my relationship with God. Through the practical teaching and the intimate personal application that came out the weekend with Mary Jean, God was able to break through my wrong thinking & once again reveal the truth about His overwhelming love and acceptance of me, just as I am. It was yet another turning point in this wonderful and often times painful journey, called life.”

Rosa Rivera Home of Refuge International
“Through the ministry of Mary Jean Powers, many of the children served at the Home of Refuge orphanage learned more about the Lord, and can now better understand the English language! Mary Jean, we want to thank you for your excellent work in ministry; you are a blessing to the Home of Refuge, as well as to both Tony and me.”

Ross Wood, YWAM DTS Leader, Nordtun, Norway
“Mary Jean Powers has inspired a passion for God’s word in both our students & staff alike. Her heart for teaching clearly & eloquently communicates the desperation with which her mind & Spirit desires more of the Word for herself and others. She helped me personally hear the voice of God say “Immerse yourself in My Word!”.

Jerry Holte, Director of Global Leadership Academy Swaziland
Our door will always be open to your solid teaching presented in an enthusiastic and understandable way

King Smith, Senior Pastor Cornerstone Church,
Boone, Iowa
FANTASTIC intensive! The best stuff I have ever heard on spiritual gifts & a super intensive that I would HIGHLY recommend to everybody!

from Albania
America needs to hear your message, Mary Jean.

D.L. Missionary in India
I want to thank you for your allowing the Lord to work through your vulnerability. It brought me leaps & bounds. I am going to use your written material to disciple the brand new pastors at the Bible School in India.”

Nancy Jinnette, Missionary to Mexico
Throughout the teaching format, [Mary Jean] has times set aside which require the participants to do assignments & to put into practice what she is teaching. These assign- ments are definitely demanding & get you into the meat of the Word rather than the milk. I’ve told a number of people that it was the most significant 24-hour period of my 30 year Christian walk.

B.L. Missionary in the Middle East
“Sometimes teaching can “go in one ear & out the other” without making much difference, but I wanted you to know that my view of God shifted significantly as a result of Fear of God and Humility intensives last fall. I’ve truly not thought of Him in the same way ever since. If I really believe that He is as powerful as He says He is, then I can trust Him to take care of me!! I keep catching myself coming up with “Plan B’s” for my life – just in case God isn’t going to be faithful. It bothers me, makes me so sad when I see that in myself. At the same time, it causes me to keep going back to God, asking, “If You are absolutely real, & I’m going to believe You, then how does this effect what I’m going through now?” The Humility intensive gave me a hatred for pride in a way I had not experienced before. I think I started to see the devastation it causes, the way it is so entirely contrary to God’s kingdom. Humility, on the other hand, is beautiful. As I’ve looked through the Gospels recently, I’ve been touched by Jesus’ humility in a new way. I know I’ve thanked you before, but I want you to know once again how much I have been touched by your ministry. Thank you so much for what you do!”


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