Basic Intensive

Each Get the Word Out! Basic Intensive includes teaching on the Truth and Credibility of the Word, the Authority of the Word, the Word as Logos & Rhema, and Jesus, who is the Living Word.

Each of the following sessions are presented at each Get the Word Out! Intensive:

  1. Bible personalization with journaling
  2. Praying the Word
  3. The importance and how-to of memorization
  4. Biblical meditation
  5. Topical studies/word studies
  6. The power of reading aloud
  7. Communion with the Word
  8. Character studies
  9. Inductive studies

The Basic Intensive focuses on the Word of God. This is a powerful Intensive which lays a strong foundation for all future study.

General info:

Please refer to the SCHEDULE page for event details & registration deadlines.


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